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Treatment for Cracked Teeth in San Jose, CA

Endodontic & Implantology Associates provides treatment for cracked teeth in San Jose. To book an appointment call 408-224-8266 or send us a message.

Types of Cracks Teeth Can Develop

Not all cracks in teeth are the same. There are four common types of cracks that the expert endodontists at Endodontic & Implantology Associates regularly repair.

  • Cracked Tooth. If you’re diagnosed with a cracked tooth, it means that a crack has developed that extends vertically down the tooth from the chewing surface toward the root. If the crack ends above the gum line, a root canal followed by a permanent crown placement is typically sufficient to save the tooth. If the crack extends below the gum line, the tooth will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant.
  • Split Tooth. Untreated cracked teeth can cause the tooth to split in half.  Once a tooth has split, you’ll lose some of the natural tooth. However, endodontists may be able to perform a root canal to save a portion of the natural tooth, which will then be crowned. If none of the natural tooth can be saved, the tooth will need to be extracted, and a dental implant should be placed soon after.
  • Vertical Root Fracture. A vertical root fracture begins at the root and extends upwards toward the crown and chewing surface. Endodontists may be able to save the natural tooth by performing endodontic surgery to remove the fractured root. However, in other cases, the tooth will need to be extracted and a dental implant should be placed as soon as possible.
  • Fractured Cusp. A fractured cusp is diagnosed when part of a tooth’s chewing surface cracks and comes off. As long as the pulp of the tooth is not affected by the break, you may only require a dental crown. However, if the break is significant enough to reach the interior of the tooth, you’ll need a root canal to clean and seal the interior of the tooth to prevent infection.

Why Choose Endodontic & Implantology Associates?

At Endodontic & Implantology Associates in San Jose, we are passionate about saving teeth and preserving excellent oral health. We are also experts in treating even severely damaged teeth through root canal therapy, root canal revisions, and minimally invasive endodontic surgery.

If all options for saving a natural tooth have been exhausted, we will create and accurately place a dental implant that matches your other teeth in color, shape, and size. Our experienced Implantologists have performed countless successful dental implants, which not only restore your smile and the function of the mouth but also prevent an altered facial appearance.

Treatments Used to Repair Cracked Teeth

The type of treatment necessary to restore your mouth to good oral health after you have cracked a tooth will depend on the type of crack. Treatments range from basic restorations to endodontic surgery including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cracked Teeth

Are tiny lines on my teeth cracks?
In most cases, no. They are called craze lines and they are hairline fractures that generally don’t extend beyond the enamel. However, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to confirm that they are surface fractures and that no underlying conditions exist.
What are the symptoms of a cracked tooth?
Pain is the most obvious sign of a crack in a tooth. The pain may be sporadic, and range from minor to sharp, shooting pain, especially when you chew. Other symptoms of a cracked tooth include a new onset of sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods.
What causes cracked teeth?
Common causes of cracked teeth include teeth grinding (bruxism), biting into hard foods or candies, chewing ice, or oral habits such as chewing on pens. Sports injuries, vehicular accidents, direct impact to the teeth or jaws, or falls are also common causes of cracked teeth.
How is a cracked tooth diagnosed?
In some cases, the crack is clearly visible. In other cases, a digital X-ray may illuminate a crack within a tooth. Sometimes advanced imaging using a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner may be indicated to diagnose cracked teeth.

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Endodontic & Implantology Associates provides non-surgical root canals, endodontic retreatment, and endodontic surgery to treat cracked teeth. If your cracked tooth cannot be saved, our highly experienced Implantologists can create and place a dental implant to restore your smile and preserve your oral health. Call us to book an appointment at 408-224-8266, or send us a message.

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