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Sinus Lift in San Jose, CA

Sinus Lift

Endodontic & Implantology Associates provides sinus lifts in San Jose, CA. To learn more or book an appointment call 408-224-8266 or send us a message.

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a bone graft procedure that strengthens the upper jaw to prepare for dental implants, implant-supported dentures, or implant-supported dental bridges. Sometimes referred to as a sinus augmentation, this procedure is done to lift the maxillary sinus to create room for new bone in the upper jaw.

A sinus lift is a common bone grafting procedure for patients who are missing upper molars but do not have enough jaw bone to support dental implants. Because the maxillary sinuses sit directly above the molars, without sufficient bone, there is a risk that an implant could penetrate the sinus. A sinus lift prevents this by adding bone and strengthening existing bone to place the implant firmly and safely.

The sinus lift procedure requires a small incision in the gum to expose the jaw bone. Then a bone graft is placed to promote bone and tissue regeneration.

Benefits of A Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is most often performed to prepare for dental implants. But there are other benefits of a sinus lift including:

  • Restores normal function of the mouth (chewing, biting, talking)
  • Prevents further loss of jaw bone
  • Prevents additional tooth loss
  • Regenerates upper jaw bone lost due to periodontal disease

Why Choose Endodontic & Implantology Associates?

Endodontic & Implantology Associates is a leading dental implant practice in Silicon Valley. With years of experience and dedication to continuing education, our team includes Dr. Shirani and Dr. Kriss Ghafourpour, both of whom have earned the prestigious designation of Fellows with Master Status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Sinus lift procedures are performed as outpatient procedures in our technologically advanced practice in San Jose. Our team is highly experienced in sinus lift and other bone graft procedures to prepare patients for dental implants.

Are You a Good Candidate for A Sinus Lift?

Patients who are best suited for a sinus lift at Endodontic & Implantology Associates in San Jose are those who are:

  • Preparing for dental implants
  • Missing one or more molars on the upper jaw
  • Are missing teeth due to a congenital condition or injury
  • Preparing for implant-supported restorations (dental bridge, dentures)

Frequently Asked Questions About Sinus Lifts

Will I need to be hospitalized for a sinus lift?
No. Our sinus lift specialists at Endodontic & Implantology Associates perform these surgeries in our San Jose office. Patients do not require general anesthesia, so a hospital setting is not required. Local anesthesia will be used to ensure your surgery is painless.
What are the risks of a sinus lift procedure?
A sinus lift is a minor surgery, but it is still a surgery. Therefore you may experience pain, swelling, or occasional bleeding after the surgery,or infection. There is a risk of a sinus tear or a rejection of the bone graft, but these are uncommon and are manageable.
How long does sinus augmentation surgery take?
Nearly all sinus lift surgeries are completed within 2 hours, with many completed in just over an hour.
How long is recovery from a sinus lift?
You will experience swelling and discomfort in the days immediately following your procedure. Most people begin to feel better after the first 48 hours. However, you may continue to feel mild discomfort for 7-10 days. Within six weeks the surgery site should be completely healed, though it can take up to 9 months for bone regeneration to be complete.
How soon after a sinus lift can I get dental implants?
Some patients may find that sufficient bone is ready to support a dental implant within four months, while it may take up to nine months for other patients. To expedite healing from sinus lift surgery be sure to follow all post-surgical instructions provided by Endodontic & Implantology Associates.

Sinus Augmentation in Silicon Valley

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