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Root Canal Therapy in San Jose, CA 

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Endodontic & Implantology Associates provides non-surgical root canal therapy in San Jose, CA. To book your appointment, call 408-224-8266 or send us a message.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a non-surgical endodontic procedure necessary to save a severely decayed, infected, or otherwise damaged tooth. Root canals allow patients to preserve their natural teeth, including the tooth root. 

Root canals performed by Endodontic & Implantology Associates are not your grandparents’ root canals. Thanks to advancements in techniques, and technology, your root canal will be managed in the most pain-free manner possible.. The procedure is also much faster than previously experienced. 

Before your endodontist begins to treat the affected tooth or teeth, the area of the mouth surrounding the tooth will be completely numbed. Upon request, you may also receive mild sedation via nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Then a small hole in the affected tooth will be created, allowing your endodontist to access the interior of the tooth, known as the pulp.

Your root canal specialist will work carefully and efficiently to remove decay and treat infection inside the tooth. The canals inside the tooth will also be reshaped to prevent future infection.  Once the infection has been treated, your tooth will be filled with a biocompatible substance that seals the interior of the tooth. The tooth will then be protected with a temporary crown until a permanent dental crown can be placed. 

Benefits of A Root Canal

The short-term benefit of a root canal is relief from pain, which is often experienced immediately.

Long-term, the benefits include:

  • Preventing tooth loss
  • Preventing the need for dental restorations to replace a lost tooth
  • Preventing infection from spreading
  • Preserving your jawbone and facial appearance
  • Preventing nearby teeth from drifting into the gap left by a lost tooth
  • Maintaining your chewing and speaking abilities
  • Saving money on costly restorations

Why Choose Endodontic & Implantology Associates?

Endodontic & Implantology Associates specializes in non-surgical root canal therapy. Our experienced endodontists have decades of experience in endodontic practice and as clinical professors of endodontics in the Bay Area. Our root canal specialists employ the latest advanced technologies, tools, and techniques to provide painless, effective treatment.

Whether you need your first root canal, or a previous root canal was not successful, due to another practice’s error, our team is here to help. We prioritize exceptional results and premium patient care. As such, we work as a team at Endodontic and Implantology Associates, and you’ll find our staff to be friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental.

Are You a Good Candidate for A Root Canal?

If you are referred for a non-surgical root canal, it is because, without this treatment, you will lose the affected tooth. As such, root canal therapy is the last option for saving a natural tooth, which is always preferable to extraction. Candidates for root canal therapy in San Jose include those who:

  • Have tooth decay too large to treat with a dental filling or dental crown
  • Have experienced dental trauma damaging a tooth or teeth
  • Have developed a crack in a  tooth
  • Have had a previous root canal fail
  • Have been diagnosed with an infection inside the tooth

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals

Is a root canal better for my health than having a tooth removed?
Yes. If a natural tooth can be saved, it should be saved. At Endodontic & Implantology Associates we prioritize maintaining “natural dentition” wherever possible. Maintaining natural teeth ensures the integrity of your jawbone, and prevents premature aging and an altered facial appearance. If a tooth must be extracted, because, for example, it has broken below the gumline, the best treatment is to replace the tooth with a dental implant.
Do you offer sedation for fearful or anxious patients?
Yes. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those who are mildly anxious and want to take the edge off. Laughing gas is fast-acting and wears off within minutes of turning off the gas. You will not need a driver to and from your appointment if you receive nitrous oxide. Additionally we offer conscious oral sedation and IV sedation or General anesthesia for those who experience more complex dental anxiety or phobias. For oral sedation patients a medication will be administered at the office. If you choose to have oral sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. For IV sedation or General anesthesia, an anesthesiologist will be administering your medication. If you choose to have one of these forms of sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment.
Are root canals safe?
Yes. Root canal therapy is a non-surgical endodontic treatment, with few risks. You may experience tenderness and swelling for a few days following treatment, but any sharp pain you were experiencing due to infection or decay will be alleviated virtually immediately.
Is a root canal more expensive than having a tooth removed?
Yes, but only in the short term. It is far more cost-effective to treat a tooth that can be saved with a root canal than to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental restoration such as an implant or a dental bridge.
How long will a root canal take?
No two cases are the same, but the majority of root canals are completed within 60-90 minutes and could take up to 2 visits to complete.

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